How did the team originate?
The Firecrackers grew out of an elementary school physical education exposition. Coach Lynn Kelley was looking for a rhythmic activity that could be choreographed to music. She found some jump ropes, a few interested students and some good music. The response to the activity was so positive, that it was suggested that the group perform at halftime of a Junior Varsity basketball game. More overwhelmingly positive feedback lead the team to perform at more high school games and then eventually college and NBA basketball games.

How often does the team practice?
The team practices approximately two hours a day, five to six times per week.

How do kids join the team?
There are tryouts each year. Tryouts are open to students in the Kings Local School District in Ohio who are going into grades 4-8.

What type of ropes does the team use?
The Firecrackers use very light weight beaded jump ropes.

What is the fee for a performance?
Donations are accepted for performances. If interested, please contact us for details at kingsfirecrackers@gmail.com.

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