Kings Firecrackers – Jump Rope Team

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Want to jump rope like the Kings Firecrackers?

Our high-quality segmented or beaded jump ropes are specially designed for the Kings Firecrackers.

With a length of 9 feet, these jump ropes are perfect for both beginners and athletes who want to improve their jump rope skills, enhance their coordination, and boost their overall fitness levels.
What sets these jump ropes apart is their easy customization feature, making them ideal for beginners who are 5’11” and shorter. You can easily adjust the length to suit your height, ensuring a comfortable and efficient workout experience.
The design provides excellent durability and flexibility, allowing you to perform intricate footwork and advanced jump rope techniques with ease. The segmented construction ensures smooth and consistent rotations, while the beaded style offers additional weight and tactile feedback, helping you maintain a steady rhythm.
Whether you’re an advanced jumper like a member of the Kings Firecrackers looking to elevate your performance or a beginner wanting to embark on a fun and effective fitness journey, our ropes are the perfect choice.
Product Weight as Shipped:  4.5 oz